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Many clients contact us looking for performance parts packaging. Our customer base is diverse but typically we advise clients who may manufacture or transport high value goods around global markets. They may have encountered particular problems with moisture and corrosion damage and are looking for a soloution to ensure their goods arrive with the end user in factory condition.

These atmospheric damages have never been more apparent, in particular when goods are transported and stored for long distances and long periods of time. Clients often encounter problems in addition to obvious threats from moisture & corrosion. Salt water, marine air, sunlight, gas products and chemical by products can all pose threats to your high value parts in transit mode.

Our range of Valstrong® VCI Corrosion Inhibitor products are constructed from a patent pending laminated foil formula purpose built for specialist product packaging.

We supply this as Flexible Packaging in a range of stock sized Stand Up Pouches. Suitable for different volumes these packaging bags will suit most applications for precision parts and component packaging. For larger projects we can supply laminate foil rolls as well as foil pouch bags custom made to your desired size.

These products perform best when used to protect metal parts made from Copper, Zinc, Aluminium, Brass, Alloy and Titanium.

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