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Looking For Pallet Pads?

Pallet Pads

Valdamark supply Skid mate pallet pads for protecting shipments against during transport and handling. Each year millions of dollars worth of damage is done to palletised goods through the supply chain process. Vibration and shock products are intended to be a quick and cost-effective solution for protecting delicate and sensitive goods.

Skidmate pallet pads use air dampened cushioning technology and can be easily fixed to crates or pallet undersides. This product eliminates the use of expensive air-ride pallet trucks and be customized to your exact freight requirements.

Skid mate pallet cushions provide:

- Protection during loading and unloading.
- Cost reductions associated with shock and vibration damage.
- Increased shock protection for export freight.

As well as:
- Reductions in time for packaging design and fitting costs.
- Eliminate the need for costly air ride vans.
- Eliminate shock and vibration damage as handling hazards.

They have an easy access four way entry design and will fit most global pallet jacks.

These shock resistant products means that you can aim to eliminate costs associated with expensive field call outs for damage to goods in transit. They are very tough and hard working products, Skid-mates can endure up to 3000ft/914mtr of abrasion on concrete or rough surface flooring.

Skid mates demonstrate an impressive temperature tolerance too being suitable for use between the ranges of -40f / +130f. As they are made of a rugged thermo set polyethylene skid-mates are chemically inert and will show a moderate chemical resistance as well.

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