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Looking For Medical Device Packaging?

Medical Device Packaging

Our Medical Device Packaging focusses around our range of Patent Pending Valstrong® Industrial Foil Laminates. This Specialist Packaging is available to suit the most demanding projects. Depending on the product and the specific project requirements we can supply Custom Packaging to your specific requirements.

We have supplied innovative packaging designs both two dimensional and three dimensional to clients who operate in heavily regulated areas. Our speciality is packaging for clients who are involved in the manufacture or distribution of precision medical equipment. This is almost always of high value being delicate or sensitive to Moisture damage.

Our Valstrong® Packaging Foil is a 'best in class' product for the safe transport and storage of these goods to domestic and overseas markets. We can supply these Protective Packaging products ready to use in a variety of conversions.

We can supply film on a reel where material is required in abundance however depending on the size of the goods the most appropriate conversion could be a Foil flat pouch as well as cubic bag designs for larger equipment.

These products are all heat seal bag designs. For optimal seals Use in conjunction with one of our Constant Heat Sealers for ideal goods protection.

To discuss this product or packaging ideas further please contact our technical sales team.

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