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Marketing Packaging

Businesses rely more on image than ever before. It's important to have Marketing Packaging that represents your brand 'at it's best' and the quality of the products you provide. Our foil packaging bags are suiatble for technical projects however more and more clients are contacting Valdmark just to capitalise on the Barrier Foil's unique look and feel.

Since all our Flexible Packaging bags are designed to function as Protective Packaging from moisture and atmospheric damages it's no surprise many clients who are looking for Marketing Packaging want to benefit from both the look and high performance characteristics.

Our foil bags are manufactured in a wide variety of specifications. For performance Product Packaging look to our range of patented materials in the Valstrong® range. These are available in a range of stock sized Stand Up Bags as well as custom cut sizes for larger volumes.

This innovative packaging has a beautiful gold foil finish, the matte formula can 'valorize' your goods for an impressive marketing material.

These products follow a heat seal bag design so ideal for use with sensitive samples that need extra protection.

Look to our Resealable bags range for clear packaging that contains both aluminium and clear polyethylene layers that gives good protection whilst allowing you and your end user to inspect the product inside the foil pouch. These products also allows for convenient loading and unloading of contents, perfect for large volume marketing.

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