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Looking For A Manual Heat Sealer?

Manual Heat Sealer

Valdamark are suppliers of all types of manual heat sealer, including impulse and polyethylene sealers. We only source top quality products which we know will fall within the purchasing power of our clients. We have a wide range of Manual heat sealers.

Manual heat sealers can be smaller machines than high volume impulse sealers, but in a way they are more flexible. They can be transported from one place to another and moved to where they are required.

We stock a wide range of polyethylene and held heat sealers. We also have a very wide range of foil sealers. These are suitable for many different gauges and thicknesses of polyethylene materials. If you require we can provide a machine which is digitally adjustable for all polyethylene thickness.

Apart from our top of the range the Manual impulse sealer, which is the VALHW, we also stock a wide range of economy hand held impulse sealers. These are designed for small projects.

Our Manual heat sealers are very competitively priced and very efficient to use. Nothing could be easier to steal anything, just press the heat sealer down, and you’ve done it. In order to see whether your film can be sealed by this method you are welcome to send us a sample, and we will try it out for you to see if it can be sealed by the Manual heat method.

Our manual heat sealers are all very easy to maintain and look after and with the international standard of Valdamark quality, they are very easy to own. They are all lightweight and perfectly mobile and produce optimum results for packaging all kinds of material including laminate foil, polythene and cellophane.

The machines that we supply are safely sourced from our well-known suppliers in Europe. These suppliers must all conform to EU safety standards. We do not go further afield to source any of our products from places where they may not be as safe, or adhere to our safety guidelines.

We can supply both constant hand held heat sealers and portable impulse sealers. Please contact us today to get more information about the wide range of Manual heat sealers that we stock.

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