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Looking For Machine Covers?

We manufacture canvas covers and PVC covers suitable for covering machines. We have a wide range of standard sizes available in a choice of colours. You may require a custom canvas cover for your project. In which case let us know the requirements through email. Inform us of any material requirements you have as well as any access panels or zips you may require.

When choosing material keep in mind that Canvas can be considered superior if you need the cover to retain or withstand heat. For more technically demanding projects we can even fit the cover with insulation to maintain a constant temperature. Our industrial canvas is both waterproof and rot proof as standard. Chemically resistant and reinforced versions are both available. Ideal for use as machine covers and storage covers.

PVC materials are more generally more thicker and so stronger. The woven polyester and Polyvinyl blend allows them to be highly flexible whilst still maintaining a high tear resistance. Chemically resistant and reinforced materials are both available. Ideal for use as transport covers or trailer covers.

Please contact us using the below options for information on machione covers

Tel: (+44) 0161-962-8701. Please quote 'machine covers'

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