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Looking For Lightweight Tarp Products?

The polymit tarps we supply are flexible, waterproof and lightweight. The uses for tarp materials is huge.

Focusing around the shelter features they can be used as shields from wind, rain and sunlight, perfect for use as groundsheets for outdoor activities.

When used for protecting objects our poly tarp range is perfectly suited for use as temporary protection, indoors or outdoors. Some popular uses include many construction applications such as building covers and storage covers whilst many also use poly tarps as boat covers and garden covers.

Due to this wide variety of applications we offer a variety of poly tarpaulin sizes available either in blue in white, constructed to a 100gsm weave the tarp is 30 micron thick giving the tarp both flexible and waterproof features. They come with reinforced hems and eyelets every two meters and can easily be tied down or suspended for different uses.

Our blue poly tarps contain no recycled materials however they are the most economical covers we offer. For more demanding projects our pvc cover and canvas cover range may be more suitable.

For more information on tarps or to discuss protective cover ideas please contact our sales team.

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