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Looking For The Best Protective Packaging Solution?

Laminated Pouches

Valdamark supply one of the most comprehensive and innovative range of standard sized laminated Pouches available in the UK. Mostly clients looking for this product choose from our range of foi laminated pouches offering the best Protective Packaging for goods available.

The flexible packaging we offer focusses around our range of Valstrong™ Industrial packaging foils. These come available in convenient Stand Up Pouches that can combine the best VCI film benefits with one of the strongest foil laminate films on the market. These packaging bags are available in various capacities and are a heat seal bag design that can be easily sealed with our foil packaging sealer machinery.

Your requirements may not be that technical.

You may have a project that just requires basic product packaging. For this we will advise clients to look to our range of resealable bags, these are ideal for goods protection and available in a wide variety of sizes and specs.

You may require products for specific use. Look to our Coffee Bags range for flexible tea packaging and flexible coffee packaging. We also stock a range of gussett bags that suit contless applications.

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