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Looking For Industrial Packaging Film?

Industrial Packaging Film

Our range of market leading industrial packaging films focusses around the Valstrong patent pending specialist packaging foils.

These foil packaging materials are aluminium based barrier foils for export. Unlike cheaper alternative materials they use only the best raw materials and polymers in their formulation, giving your goods complete climatic protection.

Their eco-friendly and do not need to be combined with silica gel for them to perform at their best. Most clients who have a use for this innovative packaging material have experienced problems with corrosion or moisture damage to their goods in transit. This can be caused by any number of climatic hazards your goods can encounter, especially when being shipped overseas. Marine air, salt water, sunlight, gas and chemical by products can all pose potential risk's to your goods arriving at their destination without damage and defect free.

Weather you are involved in the manufacture of export goods or their distribution this should be the Protective Packaging material you choose for precision product protection. Often these goods can be high value with these materials being suitable for anything including Parts Packaging material, machinery packaging material, medical equipment packaging, barrier foil for export freight.

We supply these products converted into a range of stock sizes and specifications. We can supply Stand Up foil pouches available to suit various capacities, excellent for packaging metal parts. Protective Barrier foil rolls for those looking to cut material to size themselves. We also offer a custom cutting service where larger quantities apply. Custom foil flat pouches, export foil flat bags, cubic bags for exporters are all possible.

For more information on this industrial packaging material or just to discuss performance packaging ideas please contact our sales team today.

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