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Looking For An Indicator Silica Gel Product?

Indicator Silica Gel

Silica gel is a hard amorphous substance which is used as a desiccant in many parts of the world and in many different industries. It is supplied in the form of small granules and beads, and is usually packaged into small sachets for easy use and transport. In its naturally occurring state, silica gel is a hard white substance. Its physical properties mean that it is an ideal substance to use to absorb excess, unwanted water. But when it does this, it remains physically completely unchanged. The saturated beads and granules look just like the dry version. They remain as dry-looking small beads.

In the event that a visual inspection is required, white silica gel would not be of any use, because it is completely unchanged from the dry form to the spent form. Therefore the colour change was introduced into the silica gel to produce an indicator.

There are two types of colour changing forms of indicator silica gel. The first is a blue to pink change and later, an orange colour changing silica gel was also introduced. The blue form makes use of cobalt chloride. Cobalt chloride is absorbed by the silica during its manufacture. This is a blue substance which changes colour to pink when wet.

However recent changes to toxicity classifications means that there was the need for other non toxic variants of silica gel to be produced. In order to deal with this orange silica gel was produced. The self indicating gel changes colour from orange to green. Another variant of these changes colour from orange to colourless.

The orange colour comes from methyl violet indicator. This is a non-toxic and completely harmless inorganic dye. It is absorbed into the silica gel during production. Methyl violet dye is a vibrant and bright orange colour when it is dry and changes to the bright green colour when it is wet. This is especially useful when the humidity conditions need to be observed and monitored on a regular basis.

Indicator silica gel is very useful when it comes to visual inspection of humidity chambers. They allow you to perform rapid inspection and let the user know whether the gel is still working or whether it has become spent. If it has changed colour and indicates that it is saturated, then it can be reactivated by a simple heat treatment. It can then be reused. Indicator silica gel having long shelf life and can be stored indefinitely until it is needed.

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