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Looking For Durable Impulse Sealers?

Impulse Sealers

Valdamark Impulse Sealer supplies are market leading and are selected only on the strict criteria of high quality performance qualities, perfect seal strength and of course market leading price for products in their category.

We stock an expansive range of poly hand held heat sealers as well as those for foil sealing. Many clients contact asking how do impulse sealers work? Well their suitable for all polyethylene materials of various gauges with some units being digitally adjustable for all poly sealing where as other

At the top end of our range the manual impulse sealer we find most popular is the VALHW suitable for PVC, Polyamid and thin foils and films it's very lightweight and included a separate impulse power supply with an automatic weld once the tongs are closed.

We also stock a range of economy hand held impulse sealers designed for projects that require small to moderate uses. These branded impulse seal machine units are the best available in the U.K. Unlike competitors who choose unstable units from the far east we only source from our dedicated and vigilant European factory partner.

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