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Looking For Impulse Heat Sealers?

Impulse Heat Sealers

If you require impulse heat sealers come to Valdamark. We are Europe’s leading suppliers of impulse and poly sealers. We stock a new the highest quality products which could hear to the strictest safety guidelines and provide two with the very best seal. Whether you only need to do a few seals a day, or a thousand, come to us and we will help you to find exactly the right product for you.

Our top quality heat sealers are suitable to suit many different types of packaging material. We have sealers which can work on polythene materials of different sizes and gauges.

Our impulse heat sealers, which work by heating a resistance wire for a given amount of time are able to quickly and efficiently melt the plastic material, thereby sealing it completely. Impulse heat sealers are just that, they do not remain continuously warm, but only work when the jaws are brought together around the plastic or polythene bag.

Because of this they are perfect for when only periodic sealing is required, for example in a sandwich shop. They can be left switched on all day and only actually produce any heat when they are operated.

the VALHW heat sealer Our most popular Manual impulse sealer. It is light and durable. It is popular because it is also very versatile. It can be used to seal polyamide, thin foils and films. One of our clients even used it to heat seal PVC.

Whatever your requirements, and especially if you are unsure and have not yet made your mind up, please do contact us. We will be pleased to talk through our extensive range of products with you. If you bring along some of the material which you are planning to use, then will be happy to arrange a demonstration of the products which we think will be the most suitable for you.

Our heat sealers are completely safe and made to very high, rigorous standards. They are approved to both EU and British standards and do not pose any threat when used correctly and for the purpose for which they are made.

Impulse heat sealers can also be provided which seal foil packets or coated films.

We really are able to provide high performance machines which are good for your business, good for your purse and good for you.

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