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Looking To Find Out How Do Esd Bags Work?

How Do Esd Bags Work

When packaging electrical items static electricity build up is a common problem.

As ultimately it can result in defect products and unhappy clients esd packaging has been developed to combat this problem.

You may be familiar with the Faraday Cage method. The development of this technology and its application to Aluminium and Polyethylene materials means that a surface resistance is created along the material protecting electronics inside.

The level of resistance is typically between 9 & 12 Ohms on most esd shield bags , this gives optimal electrostatic protection while maintaining the delicate sensitivity of your products.

Naturally these esd products have found a huge market being suitable for most commercial electronics. Network Cards, Motherboards and most other electrical hard wares choose these as the product packaging of choice.

The affordability of this technology in recent years has made them economical enough to be used in high volume for loading and distribution sites.

Here most of the time pink anti-Static variations are suitable. They feature convenient resealable zip locks and can be loaded with ease. They perform well and have the inclusive of a low charge mater batch resin which gives these products there famous colour. They generally create a surface resistance around 10^10 Ohms.

For the best esd packaging clients tend to choose metallised foil bags for the ultimate electrostatic protection. The combination of aluminium and Polyethylene creates a 'best in class' product as the bags offer outstanding performance as well as being very durable and abrasion resistant.

These products are guaranteed to make your valuable goods immune to voltages & static electricity damage on an level. Due to the patented material technology in our TopDry® products conditioning means the surface resistance will remain within the 10^12 Ohm threshold.

This form of esd bag is mostly in translucent form for clear goods inspection. For optimal heat seals they should be closed in conjunction with a static shielding bag sealer.

Valdamark supply the most diverse range of esd bags available in the UK. For larger bulk discounts on custom sizes or information on any of our protective bags please contact our sales support by email or phone.

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