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Looking For Most Durable Heavy Duty Tarps?

Heavy Duty Tarps

Some projects may require tarps made from materials more suitable for the conditions they will be working in. If the entry level Polymit is not suitable take at look at our canvas cover and PVC cover range.

Both available in a huge variety of sizes and colours our custom canvas range and custom PVC range is mainly used to protect goods outdoors both being transported and stored. Timber, cement, asphalt, and many other products are ideally covered by heavy duty tarps.

Our Canvas and PVC covers are manufactured from 450gsm and 560gsm weights respective. Canvas covers are both rot and waterproof. PVC covers are extremely tough and chemically resistant. Both are 'made to last' ready for the harsh environments they work in.

Canvas covers are particularly well suited for materials with higher temperatures. They can withstand temperatures of up to 120c. As well as retain heat for journeys of up to several hours.

PVC Materials are made from a Polyvinyl chloride and woven polyester blend making them very tough with a high tear resistance. Ideal for use as transport covers as well as curtain side material.

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