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Looking For A Heat Sealer Impulse Product?

Heat Sealer Impulse

If you’re looking for a heat sealer, impulse sealer, or continuous sealer, then you need to consider three things. An impulse sealer works when the jaws of the machine are brought together. Then the material within the jaws is heated and melts to form a tight seal.

To do this efficiently and perfectly every time, the heat sealer must be set to use the right type of material. The temperature of the machine has to be adjusted to reflect the type of material that it is being used to seal and the contact time and the pressure must be correct.

If the temperature is too high, then the plastic, or PVC or polythene will melt too much on contact with the sealer jaws. This will result in a poor and weal seal which will not be able to withstand any sort of handling or manipulation.

If the time of sealing is set to longer, then again it will result in a week seal which will open and not have the strength required. The temperature and time are critical to the sealing operation.

In a similar way, if the pressure is too high he plastic or polythene materials will simply great apart and no seal will be achieved which has enough strength.

In the world of the heat sealer, impulse sealing is a specialist art. It is necessary to have just the settings to exactly match the type material which were trying to seal.

Valdamark are a specialist supplier of heat sealers, and we know what a specialist art it can be. We supply both impulse and continuous sealing machines. We have a large range of handheld heat sealers which provide economy of size. If you’re looking for a machine which has a small footprint to fit into your busy working environment, then we have a large range of smaller machines which can still fulfil the function of sealing many hundreds of bags a day and which can fit into a tiny space. They can be left on all day because they only work when the jaws are brought together.

All our machines are bought with particular attention to the safety of the operative. So you need not worry about your workers - we can train your workforce to operate your machine safely, quickly and efficiently.

We also have a large variety of continuous operation machines. These can be left to run by themselves and can see your hundreds of packets an hour. Come to Valdamark we’ve all your heat sealing the us.

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