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Looking For Hawo Heat Sealers?

Hawo Heat Sealers

Valdamark are Europe’s leading suppliers of the best known makes of heat sealers, including the HAWO product range. HAWO are the world’s leading manufacturers of heat sealing products. All of their machines comply with industry leading ISO 11607-2 guidelines as outlined in the World’s Trade Fair.

These guidelines apply to the sealing of all medical equipment, especially sterile equipment which may be used to puncture the skin. Manufacturers of equipment such as this, whether it is disposable or reusable sterile equipment must now conform to these new ISO guidelines. Without this validation, packaging processes will not be licensed for use in the medical workplace. This applies to all medical laboratories and hospitals and doctor’s surgeries.

HAWO products are used in several different industries, all of which require heat sealers. Medical and clean room conditions have already been mentioned. Tattoo parlours are also in need of preserving sterile equipment. Some tattoo parlours use disposable equipment and some are set up to sterilise their own equipment with the use of autoclaves or even pressure cookers. For sterility to be maintained at adequate and safe levels, this equipment must be immediately sealed into sterile pouches.

Dental surgeries have similar requirements as do all sorts of clinics. Of course, laundries and dry cleaners also use heat sealers to ensure that the clothes that they process remain clean and dry until they reach the customer’s home.

In the food packaging industry, HAWO heat sealers are used to seal all sorts of dry goods. Crimped sealers can be used to seal waxed paper for use inside serial boxes and also for crisp packets and packets of peanuts. Lentils, rice and a myriad of other dry food goods are packaged with the use of our heat sealers. Even fresh fruit is packages using heat sealers. Many packets of grapes and berries are preserved in this way.

Valdamark can supply many different types of HAWO product as well as other top quality suppliers. We are experts in all things which relate to heat sealers and the heat sealing process and help to guide you if you know what you want to do but have no idea how to go about it.

Come and talk to one of our customer reps today to describe exactly what you want to do. We can guarantee that we will be able to find a product which suits your application and your purse.

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