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Looking For A Hand Heat Sealer?

Hand Heat Sealer

Valdamark are worldwide leaders in the supply of hand heat sealers. We only choose the best products, products that we know will have to very best quality and a perfectly priced and to be an attractive addition to any company. We can supply both poly hand heat sealers and also we can supply for your hand heat sealers.

All of our hand heat sealers are suitable for many different types of plastic materials and it can heat different thicknesses foil materials. Some units can be adjusted digitally, and some require manual adjustment.

Most of our machines are very lightweight and easy to hold and to operate. Some of them, have a separate removable Power Supply for ease of storage. We also stock a wide range of smaller machines, which are very economical to use.

These user-friendly machines are meant to be used on light products which only require you like to use each. But they are still very high quality machines because we only stop the best.

We only buy our machines from Europe, because they conform to ISO standards. They adhere to strict manufacturing restrictions and produce only the most safe and top quality machines which are easy to use. We do not acquire our machinery from anywhere else.

Foil sealers are perfect for sealing a large number of different materials which includes both coated foils and films. We can also supply the foils as sheets or bags.

For the perfect foil sealer, it is important to know exactly how they work. They rely on the temperature, pressure and time to context of the seal was the best results every time. We can cater to your needs whether you need a small hand held machine or whether you are thinking of expansion, and require a larger model.

Whatever you are looking for, or if you are just not sure exactly what you need, come and talk to us at Valdamark. We can sit down and talk through your requirements and find the perfect matching to match your needs. Just think of us as the perfect machine matchmake,r to find the perfect machine for you. O that you will fall in love with every time.

For a hand heat sealer of any kind, come and try Valdamark. We offer to beat any price that you may have obtained from any of our competitors in Europe.

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