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Looking For A Gel Silica Specific?

Gel Silica is an amorphous substance. It is hard and shiny and comes in 2 to 5 millimetres beads and granules up to 3 to 6 millimetres. Gel Silica is made by the acidification of sodium silicate. When it is acidified it forms a gelatinous substance which is then washed and dried to form the hard substance in order to be used as a desiccant.

In a hermetically sealed package only 5g of silica gel is required per cubic foot of space and is enough to produce, a moisture free environment for your substance, packets and goods to keep them completely fresh.

Gel Silica can be produced as a self indicating substance. We produce blue to pink self indicating silica and two types of orange: orange to green and orange to colourless. Orange silica contains a harmless non toxic dye called methyl violet, this is what gives it the bright orange colour. When it is completely saturated, then it turns a bright green. This is especially good when a visual inspection is required to determine the humidity of the container.

Valdamark produce many different types of gel silica sachet. We can provide a service which gives you tailor made sizes to suit your requirements. We take pride in the fact that we can beat any quote within Europe.

Silica gel is used for a wide variety of uses. It is used as a desiccant in the fashion trade. Leather producers often take advantage of its absorptive qualities to protect their work from the ravages of mildew. Water can damage high quality leather goods in transit and ruin them before they even reach the customer. It is very important that adequate moisture protection is in place so that all the goods can arrive at their destination completely fresh and just like new.

The pharmaceutical industry also takes advantage of the desiccant properties of gel Silica. Small sachets are inserted into bottles of tablets. It is vital that tablets arrive completely free from moisture or else they will be damaged and more than useless.

Our clients often buy Gel Silica as part of a wider packaging solution. We also supplied cobalt free humidity indicator cards, aluminium foil laminates, and industrial packaging materials. As part of our complete protective packaging solution, Valdamark can also produced Shockwatch damage indicators, impulse heat sealers, and VCI corrosion inhibitor products.

We cater to all of your packaging and desiccant needs.

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