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Looking For Gel Crystals?

Gel Crystals

Silica gel crystals are a crystalline form of silicon dioxide. This is actually a naturally occurring mineral, but it can be easily manufactured as highly pure granules or beads. Gel crystals have the large variety of uses and are mainly used as high capacity desiccant is in a hermetically sealed, an enclosed environment. They are able to remove the water vapour from their surroundings because they have a strong affinity for water.

It is their microscopic structure which confers this unique property on them. Microscopically it can be seen that they are made with a cavernous structure of interconnecting spaces. When they are dried, almost all of the water vapour is removed from these spaces. These low water vapour pressure conditions mean that they are in a position to readily absorb water vapour from the surrounding atmosphere.

When gel crystals trip knew this water vapour from the atmosphere, it is almost universally adsorb in to the internal cavities and so wet, or spent gel crystals have the same appearance of the dry product. Spent gel crystals can be reused over and over again by the simple fact of heating them to reactivate their properties.

The beauty of this high capacity desiccant is that it is inert, non flammable, and non toxic in its pure form. It has a high shelf life and can be stored easily and cheaply. Silica gel crystals can absorb up to 40% of their own weight in water. This beats so many other desiccant products by at least 35%.

Valdamark gel crystals are guaranteed to be a the highest quality and to produce the best quality results. We are able to provide quotes for the smallest to the largest job. We are able to provide you with a made-to-measure service and can sit down with you to discuss exactly what your requirements are. You can have confidence that from the very beginning of the manufacturing process we will ensure that you receive a top quality product and service.

Our gel crystals are non corrosive and do not react with the usual products. They produce no side effects and have been proven to increase the shelf life of many products. A of the stalls and your product will both arrive at the end of the supply chain in exactly the same condition as they left you. We have a wide range of products and sample sizes to suit your needs.

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