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Looking For Fragile Packaging Services?

Fragile Packaging

Whatever fragile items you ship chances you have experienced damage either accidental or as result of poor handling from your courier.

It costs industry billions a year but in the age of global business and fast moving goods it just isnít practical to 'not' outsource delivery.

Packaging solutions can include the use of air cushions, polystyrene foam , bubble wrap, stretch wrap and many other consumables which you probably use already.

This is however only a part solution. Physical protection for your products is a must when being shipped but how do you add that accountability to the handler and make them aware that this package must be handled properly.

This solution for damage prevention comes in the form of the Shockwatch impact label. Self adhesive this product is easy to use and can give you the piece of mind you need to know your goods are being transported the way you want.

Coded to different weight ranges a small vial is contained in the centre of the label. Once the product receives a shock or impact the vial will break releasing a dye that shows clearly poor handling.

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