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Looking For Foil Pouches? - We Can Help!

Valdamark offers many different Barrier Film conversions. The film is used for products of all shapes and sizes and so is manufactured in various forms.

Cubic Bags
These 3D sizes are custom manufactured to your project requirements. If your unsure which Barrier Foil you need all we need to know is what is being packaged and it's dimensions are.

Cubic Bags are manufactured precisely and to a high quality. They are ideally suited to awkward shapes particular when the goods are heavy. They are heat seal-able and allow for easy welding.

Flat Bags
These 2D sizes are manufactured using one Barrier Film sheet. Folded over two vertical welds are made to produce your designs.

Valdamark has the capability to produce both small batch quantities and also high volume orders.

The applications are many as they are ideally suited for use with small parts, samples, pharmaceuticals, powders and electronics.

Though they are suitable for smaller products we can supply larger sizes if required.

As options we can supply your design with Self-adhesive seals, tear notches, printing, valves and heat embossing.

Sheets and rolls
Valdamark supplies barrier films in sheet and roll conversions.

These are either one of our standard roll sizes or a cut to size sheet. Rolls are ideal for larger projects where it may be necessary to cut the material yourself. Sheets are cut to size and can be used for both small and large projects

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