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Foil Bag Sealer

As a factory distributor for foil bag sealers our range is perfect for sealing a variety of coated films and foils. As a supplier of both these industrial heat sealers and the barrier foil materials they are designed for use with, we understand these products like no other company in Europe.

Our clients come from a range of industries looking for Heat Sealing machines that are both high performance and competitively priced. They may require a standard aluminium foil sealer for medium duty and volumes or they may require Constant Heat Sealing Equipment for high volumes and continued use. clients often contact us looking for advice on the most appropriate products rather than with specific units in mind. They may be looking for a solution to their requirements. This could be Sealing Foil Bags, Pouch Sealing, Poly Bag Sealing, cellophane sealing. No two clients are the same.

Valdamarks advice and products are second to none. We have helped countless new and existing projects with their material and sealing requirements. From the pouch sealers equipped with ergonomic add-ons through to supplying the high performance aluminium barrier foils they are designed to seal. Valdamark can supply a custom packaging solution. Contact our sales team to discuss our products and services.

Please contact us using the below options for information on Foil Bag Sealer products.

Tel: (+44) 0161-962-8701. Please quote 'foil bag sealer'

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