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Export Packaging

When exporting it is essential to take into consideration any hazards that your shipment may encounter during its journey or whilst in storage.

Commercial export packaging standards often have to take into account environmental exposures as well as the shipping standards laid down in ISPM 15.

From the export packing to the end user shipments particularly those defence related have to be able to withstand harsh conditions and treatment.

For the protection of commercial cargo a moisture vapour barrier material can be used in order to prevent environmental damage. As a single layer of protection these heat seal able materials can be custom made around your shipments to give protection from moisture, corrosion, salt, air and UV light eliminating the need to use additional chemical protection on your cargo.

Depending on whether the shipments are in a crate or container they may require waterproof lining when packaged in order to protect from rainfall as well as additional pallet cushions to protect the goods from any shock and vibration during handling.

If the goods are fragile shippers can have peace of mind using damage indicators. When goods are vulnerable to shock and vibration drop n tell indicators can be used to log impacts as well as tip indicators which show when a product has been tilted below 90.

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