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ESD Products

Our ESD products range is the most comprehensive in the UK featuring esd packaging for all projects of all sizes.

For preventing the build up of static electricity our products all use the Faraday bag technique for creating a surface resistance between 10&12 Ohms. These optimal conditions means that your goods remain immune to electrostatic discharge.

We supply pink antistatic bags ideal for shipping electronics and storing them. The convenient standard sizes and resealable design make them ideal for use on high volume packaging lines where speed and ease of loading are key.

They are supplied translucent making goods inspection easy, with the addition of a printed warning label to make the handler aware that there handling static sensitive products. They perform well in most electronics packaging systems and can tolerate abrasion with minimal electrostatic discharge.

Available to buy online in box quantities of 1000 they are ready to use and do not require the use of a static shielding bag sealer.

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Tel: (+44) 0161-962-8701. Please quote 'ESD Products'

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