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Esd Bags Where To Buy Them - We Can Help!

Looking where to buy esd bags? Our range of ESD Packaging is the most comprehensive in the United Kingdom being suitable for all projects of any size.

All our Antistatic products are ideal for preventing static electricity build up. The esd damage prevention technique works by forming a Faraday cage along the surface of the material. These products are excellent for shipping and storing sensitive or valuable electrical items.

Network Cards, Motherboards and other commercial electronics are all ideal for these anti static packaging products.

Look to our range of translucent pink anti-Static bags, which demonstrate excellent performance characteristics when being used for bulk packaging and loading. They feature a resealable zip lock for easy access and do require additional heat sealing equipment.

Often when shipping high value electronics you will require a static shield bag with high performance characteristics. Our range of metallised static shielding bags offer the most advanced protection through the patented TopDry® technology. This innovative product packaging achieves both anti-Static and moisture barrier protection for your products.

We have large range of standard sizes for these products with each featuring an printed electronic discharge label and are approved to international standard EN-61340-5-1 & 5-2.

Use these for packaging and shipping products that require ultimate electrostatic protection.

For optimal sealing use in conjunction with one of our Static shielding bag sealer units.

Buy these protective bags online in box quantities of 1000.

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