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Looking For Electrostatic Protection?

Electrostatic Protection

Electrostatic protection has never been a bigger priority for those involved in packaging and shipping sensitive electrical items.

Static discharge build up has accounted for millions worth in damages to valuable electronics without the correct packaging system.

When so much is a stake including your organizations reputation the right solution is needed.

Valdamark supply the most complete range of ESD packaging products in the UK. Extensive experience in this market has led us to be able to offer standard sizes to bespoke anti-Static bags that are tailored to the clients project demands.

We supply box quantities of 1000 with factory direct prices not usually seen for small volume orders.

Our range includes stock sized resealable anti-Static bags available in both polyethylene and metallised foil versions, as well as heat seal able units for optimal product protection.

For market leading EMI packaging look to our range of TopShield® products. Designed and developed for shipping sensitive electronics they are highly suited for warehouses and distribution centres that want the best static shielding protection made into the most durable flexible packaging.

Our standard sized electrostatic protection can be bought online. For more details contact our sales team today.

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