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Looking For Dry Silica Gel?

Dry Silica Gel

Dry silica gel can be used to control humidity conditions in an enclosed environment. Such an environment might consist of an enclosed space in a dehumidifier, or it could be a packaging carton for a computer. As long as a physical barrier is in place to stop the ingress of more moist air, then it can be sufficiently controlled to prevent moisture levels rising to extreme or unwanted levels.

If it is hermetically sealed, then it has a better chance of retaining its moisture-free conditions. Valdamark dry silica gel can one cubic foot of space with around 5g of gel.

A large variety of industrial, commercial and scientific applications require to prevent high humidity conditions. We produce standard sizes which are perfect for many applications straight out of the box or we can produce a bespoke range to suit any measurements that you might require.

Dry silica gel is a selection of tiny beads or granules which are 2-5mm or 3-6mm in size. It has a high affinity for water and is ideal for use in many different applications and situations, both in our patented sachets or loose.

Dry silica gel is inert and comes in the form of amorphous, hard shiny crystals. It is a high capacity desiccant and can absorb 40% of its own weight of water. It has a very low water vapour pressure which makes it attract water.

Our dry silica gel can come pre packed in TyvekŪ membrane. This is permeable and strong and has the perfect properties needed to allow the gel to fulfil its function without interfering with its action.

Valdamark also cater for all your needs with a quality made to measure service. Just tell us your requirements and we can supply all your packaging and desiccant needs. We have bulk buy discounts if you need a large quantity of gel and also can beat any quote in Europe.

Whether you require packaging or sachets, we can cater for your needs. Please ask us for the current safety data sheet if you require reassuring that our product is safe, non toxic and non flammable. We also produce a self indicating version of our dry silica gel if you need to visually inspect your dehumidifier. Self indicating gels change colour when thye become saturated with moisture. We have blue to pink and orange to green or orange to colourless. We can cater for all your packaging needs.

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