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Looking For A Drop N Tell Product?

drop n tell

You may have experience of transit damage due to bad handling, or you may have decided to look for a cost effective product to prevent your valuable goods from transit damage.

These units each contain a lock in place device that fixes into place when the desired shock damage occurs. It leaves you in doubt that your goods have not received the care and attention they deserve.

Once activated you are in no doubt of poor handling.

The units are small enough to attach directly on to cardboard, wood and metal packages. They are small but highly visual and come inclusive of the warning label to mount your unit directly on. The complete solution deters whoever is transporting them from rough handling whilst also giving your client confidence in your transport abilities.

We can cater for every clients requirements being able to supply these for as few as 25 units. We offer market leading discounts for quantities of 100 and above.

If you require more information on these damage indicator labels or any other of our export packaging materials contact us today or shop online.

Please contact us using the below options for information on DropnTell.

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