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Looking For Drop N Tell products?

The Drop N Tell labels we supply can be considered a superior product to other damage indicators and impact labels. Extremely reliable in storage and over long journeys these Shock labels are designed with Global freight and high performance in mind.

Unlike other product available on the markets theses units are a manufactured from a plastic composite rather than the traditional vial centred at the centre of a unit. This makes simply for a more sturdy product that can be screwed to packages as well as attached with the self-adhesive label. This makes for a very versatile Shock Indicator that is just as suitable for small courier shipments just as much as it is large commercial freight.

Each Drop Indicator unit features a snap lock arrow which will lock into place once the desired shock threshold is breached. This will leave you or your end user certain that the goods have experienced poor handling.

This shipping packaging can be supplied for a few as 25 unit through our store available in a selection of activation rates to suit shipments of all dimensions and weight. Contact us for advice on this as well as to discuss your requirements.

Please contact us using the below options for information on Drop n Tell.

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