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Valdmark Desiccant products are designed to combat the effect of moisture damage to goods during transport or storage. The problem of excess moisture on goods can result in internal corrosion even when they’re in a hermitically sealed environment. Valdamark TopDry® desiccant packets are a patented formula which out perform competitors products for nearly all moisture control applications.

As a market-leading product the benefits are numerous. Beginning with the sachet material itself, a highly durable Viscose dust proof shell heat-sealed rather that sewn. The result is a desiccant pouch that is robust enough to tolerate heavy handling through the supply chain whilst remaining breathable, the most important feature for a desiccant dehumidification sachet. Unlike alternatives this moisture desiccant is subject to intensive quality control and rigorous testing when it comes to correct performance and functionality.

Whilst competitor's products remain static during usage TopDry® technology will not only prevent internal moisture damage and get your product 'defect free' to your end used, but also it's tested to extend product life span and it's reliability when unpacked.

Our large stock holding capacity means that we can cater for any order volume. From one box to pallet quantities our bulk silica gel discounts are renowned for being the best in Europe.

Desiccant products are mostly used for protecting retail and commercial goods from corrosion damage caused by moisture ingress. Most commonly we supply clients looking to ensure their goods reach their end users the way they intended. Metal based products, sensitive equipment, retail goods and electronics are all perfect for use in conjunction with our Silica Gel and Desiccant products.

Desiccant packs are often used by clients looking to include them as part of a wider protective packaging system. Valdamark specialise in VCI bags, Shock watch labels, heat sealers

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