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Looking For A Desiccant UK Product?

Desiccant UK

If you are looking for top quality desiccant, UK suppliers, and good quality service, then come to Valdamark we are your one stop shop for all your desiccant and packaging needs. We can supply a large variety of different types of Desiccant. Our silica gel is the best quality to be found in Europe.

We supply both loose and packed desiccant, UK wide and world wide. We also supply a wide range of other products. We have desiccant columns, tablets, capsules and cartridges. We can also supply desiccant chains if you need these.

When clients come to us to buy desiccant, they are often pleasantly surprised to find that we can supply then we’ve all of their packaging needs and the wider packaging solution. Our cobalt free humidity indicator cards are the best quality in Europe. Our industrial packaging materials include aluminium foil laminates and Shockwatch damage indicators. We stock a wide variety of impulse and continuous heat sealers. We can supply please a small stand-alone machines as well as large machines. We also have the VCI corrosion inhibitor products.

Valdamark can supply you we have a complete range of protective packaging. We have the full solution for all your needs.

Aside from our wider range of products, people come to us again and again because of our customer service which is second to none. We can supply you with items which are manufactured to order. And we can also cater to any specific requirements which you may have. Our Mini Pax® are a highly versatile range of packets which can be filled with anything to suit your needs, including desiccant and molecular sieve.

We also have self indicating silica gel, for your visual inspection machinery. Our silica gel is non toxic, non flammable and inert. We can guarantee its function when it comes to dehumidification.

Valdamark can also guarantee to beat any quote which you may have from our European suppliers. We have a bespoke service, so come along today and find out how we can help you. Whatever your product range and however large or customer base, we are here to help you improve and expand. But do not take our word for it, we have a large selection of satisfied customers from all over the world who returned to us again and again for all their desiccant and packaging needs.

If you need desiccant, UK manufacturers, and top quality customer service then come to Valdamark.

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