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Looking For Desiccant Packs?

Desiccant Packs

Desiccant packs are containers which are filled with desiccant. They are best used in an enclosed environment, and it is even better if this environment can be hermetically sealed to stop the flow of air in and out of it.

In an environment such as this, it is possible to reduce the amount of water vapour in the atmosphere. These are very useful if something needs to be kept drier than if it was left out in the open air. They are used to store chemicals, which may be so react to that they react with the water vapour in the atmosphere. There are some metal doors which can react powerfully the water. These needs to be stored very dry conditions.

Desiccants are also used to protect perishable items, which may go off if they are left exposed to the air. These can be items such as foodstuffs, and medicines. Desiccant packs are used if they are to be stored for long periods of time or if they are to be transported a long distance. If the air is free from water vapour, then this discourages the growth of certain bacteria and especially fungal moulds. This can preserve the items for longer and they arrive at their destination fresh, just as they were sent.

Valdamark desiccant packs are versatile and flexible. We supply a wide range of different companies, which use them for a large number of different things. We know exactly what it takes to make a good desiccant pack. And we use only the best quality materials to produce are top of the range, high quality products.

The other leading manufacturers and suppliers of desiccant packs and other packaging materials in Europe. When you come to Valdamark, you know that you will get the quality which you have come to associate with our name.

We can also provide a service for you if you have a specialist need for desiccant packs which are not found in our catalogues at the moment. We can cater to your special requirements whether you need a small quantity or whether you need to place a large order. We have several bulk buy discounts available and we can match any price quote that you may have obtained from any of our competitors.

You can be confident in the knowledge that the name Valdamark means quality, service and efficiency at an affordable price.

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