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Looking For Desiccant Packets?

Desiccant Packets

Desiccant packets can be made of variety of different materials, including paper. They need to be made of strong materials which does not disintegrate during handling. We need to be able to trust that they do not open. And Valdmark we know exactly what makes a good desiccant packet.

Our desiccant packets are made from only the best. We use TyvekTM breathable membrane, to give you the best results time after time. This membrane is permeable and shock resistant. It can withstand rough handling and and will be able to perform at its best when it is required.

Permeability of desiccant that it is very important. It they were not permeable, then water vapour would not be able to enter. It would be disaster. Also, they need to be water resistant. It is important that they themselves do not get soaked during the job that they are intended for.

Our desiccant packets are heat sealed. The seams are welded shut tightly to ensure that they do not to burst. We produce them in many different sizes. Our Mini PaxTM range is very versatile enough to be able to perform many functions. We can provide many different sizes of desiccant packets.

We can even fill our desiccant packets with molecular sieve if you need a more reliable filtration. We pride ourselves on our product. We source only the best quality items from our European suppliers. If you need top quality desiccant packets, then come to us. We can manufacture your order to the highest specifications. Our gel is known throughout the industry to be of the best quality. Whether you are a florist, a school, or in the automotive industry we can supply the right products for your business.

We also supply many other products, if desiccant packets are not what you are looking for. We can supply you with our cobalt free humidity indicator cards. Also, our industrial packaging materials are highly sought after, including aluminium foil laminates and Shockwatch damage indicators. We also have a vast range of quality and branded impulse heat sealers and VCI corrosion inhibitor products.

Whatever your requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us. If you need only the best, then come to the best in the business, come to Valdamark, we are a name you can trust.

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