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Looking For Desiccant Gel?

Desiccant Gel

Desiccant gel is essential where a low moisture conditions are required. If you think back to school, it is that bright blue stuff in the bottom of the dehumidifier in chemistry practicals. It works best in an enclosed space. If a larger space needs to be dried, then more silica gel can be used. Roughly 5 g of silica gel can be used in 1 cubic foot of space. It can soak up 40% of its weight in water.

Desiccant gel comes as the white, hard granules. You will have come into contact with the lot of desiccant gel throughout your life, but you may not even know it. The little white sachets are found in shoe boxes and importance of medicine.

There is also self indicating desiccant gel. This useful when you need to know when it had stopped working. Usually there is a net flow of water vapour from the atmosphere into the desiccant gel. But if this has been equalised then there is an equal flow of water both into and out of the desiccant granules.

Self-indicating desiccant gel changes colour to let you know when this happens. Blue silica gel changes to pink. Its reliance on cobalt chloride, has made it less attractive in environments where toxicity may be of concern. There is also another type of self indicating silica gel. This relies on methyl violet indicator for its colour change. Methyl violet indicator changes colour from bright orange to bright green between the dry and saturated forms.

Desiccant gel is such a lot of uses. It is used in almost every industry that you may think of. If you think of the automotive industry, silica gel is used to preserve metal parts during shipping and transport, the same may be said for shipping and aviation. And the same may also be said for the whole of the computer industry. Silica desiccant gel is used to preserve the humidity and integrity of delicate computer circuitry.

Valdamark desiccant gel is a the highest quality. It is versatile, durable, non-toxic and inert. We can supply a wide range of different products. They can also supply the packaging that you may need and also different machines such as heat sealers to assist you in your packaging and shipping. Come and talk to us if you have a specialist requirements. We are always open to creating new types of products to suit the needs of our customers.

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