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Looking For Desiccant Bag?

Desiccant Bag

Desiccant bags are very strange things aren’t they? They are used in situations of find a high humidity, or where the amount of water vapour present needs to be preserved. You will find them in boxes of shoes, or they used to preserve the leather from staining, damage and warping. You will also find them in your bottle of aspirin or paracetamol. Here again, there used to preserve a low vapour pressure within the bottle. But you will hardly ever see a desiccant bag which is itself wet. Why is this?

Desiccant bags are made from highly specialised material. Depending on where you purchase your desiccant, they may only be made from simple paper, this would be a disaster. If you do not require a high quality product, then this may be fine but you cannot be sure that the bag will not to rip during shipping and handling of your products. The worst thing would be for your customer to open their packaging and find a product which has been covered with little granules of silica gel.

Here at Valdamark we know what makes a good desiccant. It needs to be strong, hard wearing and above all it needs to be permeable. We use only the highest quality Tyvek® membrane to make our desiccant bags as robust and hardworking as they need to be in order to give you complete peace of mind. In your business, you need to worry about your products, your customers and your sales. The last thing you need to worry about is whether your desiccant bags are strong enough and permeable enough to perform the function that you bought them for.

You can leave all the worry to us. We have done all the research for you. We have sourced all the best products so that you’ve never need worry about small white sachets that are doing anything they are not supposed to.

Whether you need any of the sachets from are already extensive range, or you need a bespoke solution for your special requirement, come to us with complete confidence safe in the knowledge that we have worked hard to give you the best product possible. We only source the best quality desiccant and the strongest, toughest material. All of our sachets are heat sealed, to produce the tight well. There is no danger of them bursting and ruining yours for your customers day.

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