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Looking For Damage Indicators?

Damage Indicators

Nearly every market now is moving larger shipments of goods further distances. This global movement of goods is becoming ever increasingly difficult to monitor, especially when it comes to the quality of treatment goods receive.

Damage indicators come in a range of brands suitable for monitoring any shipment and its weaknesses.

Drop n tell indicators for goods which are fragile or devalued by bad handling.

Drop n tell can be either attached to the inside or outside of a package. Different ratings are available for different shipment sizes. Once an impact or shock is detected black arrows snap lock in place.

We supply Tip n Tell Indicators for goods which must be transported horizontally. A coloured bead system indicates visually whether the package has been tilted. The activation level Is set just under 90

The shipping indicators we supply come complete with labels for both the package itself and the bill of Lading.

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