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Costs Of Silica Gel? - Lets Us Help You!

Costs Of Silica Gel

The costs of silica gel very much depend on whether you want to go for a high quality product or if you are satisfied to purchase an inferior quality form. Valdamark are the suppliers of very high quality silica gel which we source from our top suppliers which are spread all over Europe.

Silica gel is a high capacity desiccant and is used for many drying purposes. It is the white substance known as silicon dioxide. Its properties when in this form mean that it is able to absorb up to 40% of its own weight in water vapour. That is a lot of water vapour!

We can supply silica gel in the form of sachets or bags of various sizes and the material which we use is strong and durable. It is a permeable membrane known as TyvekŪ. This is the same material which is used to line the walls of houses. Although of course the TyvekŪ in our silica gel sachets is considerably thinner.

These sachets are completely ready to use and we can supply of them in a wide range of different sizes. A general rule of thumb is that 5 g of dry silica gel can be used for 1 cubic foot of enclosed, hermetically sealed space.

Silica gel is an amazing product. It is non flammable, non-toxic and inert. It reacts with hardly anything! Its water absorbing properties on the physical rather than a chemical reaction. The water merely gets trapped within the cavities which are present inside the silicon dioxide structure.

When considering the costs of silica gel, it is important to remember that for many applications which you may have, silica gel is completely reusable. When it has been used, it can be regenerated for reuse. It is reactivated by driving off the trapped water by heating it for a few hours.

If you have purchased our colour changing silica gel then it will revert back to its dry state colour. We have blue to pink colour changing gel and orange to green. We also have an orange to colourless changing gel.

We are the top suppliers of silica gel and packaging materials in Europe. We can provide you with a full, bottom- up solution. If you come to us, you may not need to go to any other supplier. We can also provide you with top of the range, branded heat sealers.

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