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Looking For The Cost Of Silica Gel Products?

Cost Of Silica Gel

The cost of silica gel not only dependant how much you require but also in what form. Valdamark silica gel is also the highest quality. We can supply a bulk quantities for large scale operations in a loose form and also in the form of small sachets for you to put into each of your packaging containers full product shipment.

Cost also depends on the type of silica gel which you may require to suit your application. We generally produce granules and beads. These granules are 3 to 6 mm in diameter on average, although they are an amorphous collection in reality. The beads are 2 to 5 millimetres in diameter and also vary in actual size.

As well as this we have quite a few different types of silica gel products including self indicating silica gel. The cost of silica gel depends on whether you require a self indicating gel or not. Self indicating gels are available in two or three colour changing variants and are very useful if you need to see that your products or reactions are taking place in dry conditions.

Blue to pink colour changing silica gel depends on cobalt chloride for its colour change. This has now been precluded from a few different applications because cobalt chloride is no longer classed as non toxic. The dry form is bright blue and exchanges to the bright pink colour when the silica gel is saturated with water vapour.

There are two types of orange colour changing silica gel. Orange silica gel uses methyl violet indicator to change colour from any bright orange, from the dry form to a vibrant green when it is saturated.

Two determine the cost of silica gel which you need to purchase please visit our website can decide which type of silica gel you need to buy and in what quantity.

Which type you choose, whether it is our sachets packed in high grade Tyvek membrane, or it is a self-indicating, or our loose silica gel, you can rest assured that you will be buying a high quality product which conforms to all safety standards, both within the UK and Europe. We the only purchase and supply the best quality materials.

Valdamark guarantee to beat any quote within Europe. for price and quality we will not be beaten. Come in today and discuss your needs with our highly trained and experienced customer service representatives.

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