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Looking For Durable Coffee Packaging?

Coffee Packaging

Our range of standard sized Coffee Packaging has become the preferred choice for several market leading brands. We supply these Coffee Bags with a unique approach and understanding that many brands start off small and will have no use for the astronomical minimum order quantities and Set-up Costs associated with Printed Coffee Packaging. We let the client access professional Packaging traditionally 'off limits' in sensible quantities.

For as few aS 100 units Valdamark has become a market leader for supplying short run Product Packaging to anyone looking package Granules, powders and food stuffs. We have clients who only require 100 units up to those who require large volume packaging in the tens of thousands. Our clients are not just commercial neither, we deal with members of the public due our prices and volumes being so accessible to those who have any project that requires high quality packaging in small volumes.

When dealing with those who require shelf ready packaging we still follow our 'Sensible quantities' approach to those who require Printed Coffee Bags for larger volumes focussing around product trialing and sampling. Not only do we supply standard sizes at quantity driven prices but we also offer Digital Packaging Print available for as few as 2000 units up to 8 colours.

These quantities are unique in the market place and can potential save clients tens of thousands as they do not need to go through the hassle of print plate set up compared to minimal costs for digital print packaging.

Our approach to professional Flexible Packaging allows projects to develop naturally. It's proved so popular because it gives clients the power to experiment with new projects and products without having the burden of high quantity and high price commitment. We are always happy to discuss this further. If you require any more information please do not hesitate to contact our sales team.

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