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If you wish to buy silica gel, UK or worldwide, then Valdamark are the company for you. We supply Silica gel to many countries within Europe, and we guarantee to beat the best quote that any of our competitors can give you.

A silica gel sachet is only as good as the material with which it is made. Our silica gel sachets are produced using only the best permeable, breathable Tyvek™ membrane. This is strong and durable and we heat seal each seam to ensure a long-lasting container for the silica gel you have purchased.

Whatever your reason to buy silica gel, UK distribution needs, or worldwide transit, our sachets will not let you down. Silica gel is an amorphous form of silicon dioxide. It is formed by the acidification of sodium silicate. The resulting gel is washed thoroughly, dried and is turned into hard irregular granules which look like crystals. These granules may be 3 to 6 mm in diameter. We can also manufacture beads which are 2 to 5 millimetres in diameter.

The beauty of this material is that this week high capacity desiccant. Its internal structure takes the form of large interlocking cavities which makes it less dense than other well known desiccants. Silica gel as a very high internal surface area, it can be up to 800 m˛ per gram. The dry form has a very low vapour pressure and it is readily able to absorb water vapour from a hermetically sealed, enclosed space.

To buy silica gel, UK companies often tend to Valdamark. Our bespoke service is second to none and our customer service is legendary. We can offer you a made-to-measure product which will cater for all your desk and then packaging needs.

Our Mini Pax® range comes in a variety of different sizes and is versatile enough to fit into any supply chain. We can also supply loose, bulk silica gel.

Silica gel is inert, and produces no side effects because it does not react with any products. The dry form has the same look and feel as the spent, wet form. As a result of this it does not break down or disintegrate or cause harm to anything in the surroundings. It can be very easily reactivated once it has become saturated.

Silica gel is able to absorb 40% of its own weight of water. This makes it one of the best desiccants on the market today.

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