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Blue Silica Gel

Blue silica gel is a self-indicating desiccant. Usually, silica gel comes in a normal white form. It is sold as hard, amorphous granules. The white form is known as a non-indicating form. It can absorb up to 40% of its own weight in water. It can do this amazing feat because it has an unusually large surface area approximately 800 sq metres per gram.

When the non indicating white silica gel absorbs water, it looks practically unchanged. The water molecules adhere to the internal cavities of which the gel is made and so the look of the gel is unchanged. This gel is a cost-effective method of removing moisture from unwanted places and is used in many different industries.

But in a case where it is useful to be informed whether the gel has absorbed any water or not, then a self indicating gel is more useful. Blue silica gel changes in colour from blue to pink. The blue form is the dry product and when it is near saturated, then it turns to pink, thus indicating a nearly exhausted product. The blue colour is achieved by using cobalt chloride as the indicator. This has been used for many years to show when it has absorbed water.

The colour changing indication can be vital when a sensitive product or space needs to be protected from moisture. If a low humidity level needs to be maintained, for example in breathing apparatus, or in sensitive electronic equipment then this provides a high-alert environment to ensure that humidity levels do not reach critical conditions. When this happens, then the gel can be safely replaced with more self-indicating gel, or it can be reactivated by heating for two hours at 120 degrees C.

At Valdamark, we take great care to ensure that our self-indicating blue silica gel meets the industry standards for safety and compliance with all regulations. Cobalt chloride is known to be a toxic compound. We add less than 1% of the indicator substance to make our blue silica.

Our sealed packets are heat welded to ensure that there is no leakage and no problems with the packets bursting or disintegrating under extreme conditions. We test each product that we make to destruction before we allow it into our product catalogue and you can rest assured that there are no naturally occurring conditions which will cause the packaging to burst.

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