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Looking For Barrier Pouches?

Valeron is a polyethylene based flexible strength film developed as a cross pattern material with a high tear resistance. It can take high impacts and is chemically resistant.

When Valeron is manufactured it is done so using molecular orientation. Put simply the material develops natural strength characteristics due to the even cross weave that is created. This makes the film difficult to tear and puncture.

Valdamark is please to be able to supply Barrier Film including Valeron. Our Valstop material combines the excellent barrier properties of Aluminum foil and Polyester together with the exceptional strength of Valeron. These two films in one provide complete protection.

Some facts about Valeron:
- It extends the shelf life of the products it's applied to.
- Valeron surfaces are smooth and blemish free.
- It is renowned for improving the strength of other materials.
- Chlorine free.
- Chemical resistant

Valdamark can offer Valstop in custom made conversion including Rolls, cubic bags, flat bags and sheets.

Valeron Barrier Film has been a successful solution in markets as diverse as retail, aerospace, transport, automotive and conservation.

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