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Barrier Film

The Global trade market has never been stronger. Buyers can be on the other side of the world to their suppliers. Its essential to know that your goods are being transported properly. The packaging must be suitable for the job if your products are to reach their destination in the right condition.

The variety of shipping methods used today exposes your products to many challenging conditions. Whether they are going by land, sea or air corrosion protection is essential to ensuring they are not damaged. Shipments can be vulnerable to:

- Temperature differences
- Increased Humidity
- Altitude pressure
- Water and moisture
- Salt water, dirt and dust

The potential harms can carry on into storage as often goods can be stored in warehouses for up to several years before use. Our Corrosion prevention techniques allow you to maintain the quality of your goods in transit, tailored to your individual requirements.

Valdamark's solution includes the use of VCI and Barrier Film materials.

Barrier Film consists usually of a 3 or 4 layer material made up of Aluminum foil, Polyester and Polyethylene. The three materials are blended together to form a barrier against damage from 'the elements' which can occur in transit.

Barrier Films can be supplied as custom sizes to suit your exact requirements. You may require the Barrier Foil to to be a particular construction.

We can supply films with the following features:

- Increased tear strength
- Approved to Defense standards
- Increased puncture resistance
- Anti Static properties

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