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Looking For Automotive Packaging?

Automotive Packaging

The automotive industry is the worlds biggest for production of machine tooled goods. Valdamark supply specialist packaging that is purpose built packaging metal parts packaging.

Our range of patent pending Valstrong® Industrial Packaging Foil is a 'best in class' product for the Protective Packaging of industrial parts and goods.

Whether it be aluminium car doors manufactured in high quantities to precision moulded engine components manufactured for competition at the highest level all need to be protected from the atmospheric hazards around. Valstrong® Packaging films continually demonstrate excellent performance when protecting your goods from these atmospheric culprits. Weather that be the from hazards like Corrosion Damage and moisture damage through to marine air, gas by products and salt water Valstrong® products continually perform well in challenging conditions.

Not only can this product be supplied as heat sealable bags

See our Why Barrier Foil section for more information on why these products have become the packaging materials of choice for heavy industries worldwide.

Furthermore on top of the dangers of moisture and corrosion damage you also have the damage that can occur due to 'bad handling'.

More often than not transport is outsourced to contractors by manufacturers who have to entrust shipping companies to handle their goods with care. This isn't always the case as an estimated $2 billion worth of goods were damaged whilst in transit during 2010.

Weather it be VCI material for basic protective packaging or aluminium barrier materials for complete product protection we can provide these in either rolls or custom made designs.

As well as the material packaging you might wish to consider the range of export packaging products that add further confidence to the shipping of your goods.

Drop n tell damage indicators, tip indicators as well as Skidmate pallet cushions are all available to add accountability to your shipments transport.

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