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Looking For Anti-Static Materials?

Anti-Static Materials

Anti-Static bags are used for shipping a wide variety of goods. Usually its for packaging electronic components that are vulnerable to electrostatic interference. So this can be anything from Network Cards, toner cartridges, motherboards to general electronic components.

The material used consists of a PET plastic which is then established to to become silver. The anti-static effect is caused by the bags being manufactured already conductive to small levels of electricity.

You may be familiar with the Faraday Cage method. The material creates a similar effect as tiny currents move through the weave in a cage pattern. Antistatic materials still remain harmless to whoever is handling them.

Valdamark supplies standard anti static films as well as those which include aluminum barrier foil. Ideal for high value sensitive goods, here the benefits of the PET antistatic film are combined with aluminum and polythene layers.

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