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Looking For Anti Static Bags For Electronics?

Anti Static Bags For Electronics

Are you looking for anti-static bags for electronics? Our range is diversified enough to satisfy even the most technically demanding projects.

Our two main specifications are focussed around the antistatic metallised shielding and conductive poly bag ranges. Depending on the electronic products you are shipping a pink antistatic bag may be suitable. These low charging bags are very suitable for shipping bulk products like network cards, mother boards and other commercial electronics.

They are available in either weld able or convenient resealable versions that don't require any equipment for closure.

They exhibit a low density polyethylene construction that consists of a 10^10 ohm surface resistance. They are highly durable and with the inclusive of a practical zip lock they are perfect for high volume packaging and loading.

Our range of metallised esd bags are excellent when shipping high value electronics. The aluminium and inner polyethylene layer form together to give your products ultimate transport protection.

They feature an impressive surface resistance that has conditioned to not drop below 10^12 ohms a square.

They conform to EN 100015 and IEC standards, feature a printed esd warning label

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