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About Silicagel

Silica gel is silicon dioxide made from sodium silicate. It incredibly porous and has a very high surface area which allows it to absorb water quickly. This makes it a very useful desiccant. That is, it is used to absorb water wherever it is not wanted.

Silica gel is so porous is that usually only a small amount is needed to absorb excess water and so silica gel is found in small sachets within permeable paper or fabric bags.

All the silica gel products that we supply at Valdamark are contained in breathable dust-proof shells and they conform to all industry standards. Vulnerable and perishable materials often need protection during transit. Often the exact environmental conditions of transportation can not easily be predicted and so, the use of silica gels and silica gel – like products is an industry requirement.

These are used throughout the pharmaceutical industries, in the transport of electronics and other diverse fields to provide an economical solution to shipping goods safely and effectively from one part of the world to another, or even a few miles down the road.

After all, compare it to how difficult it would be to evacuate all the moisture from the shipping container and seal it completely, to how simple it is to insert a few packs of silica gel.

Valdamark is not only known for its quality, affordability and excellent service, which is second to none. We also provide a bespoke service to meet your needs. Come and discuss your ideas with us and we will provide you with a solution to perfectly match your situation.

Our Mini Pax® range can not only be filled with silica gel, but also with molecular sieve if you wish. We can also provide a range of other types of dessicant products to suit your purpose. Please tell us if your need is for Dessicant chains, or capsules. In cases where a sachet is not enough, we can also manufacture columns or silica gel cartridges or tablets.

As well as these, we provide a versatile and comprehensive range of other dessicants and also a wide range of packaging materials such as aluminium foil laminates and VCI corrosion inhibitor products.

Whatever your packaging and transportation needs, we here at Valdamark are ready and willing to listen. We can ‘manufacture to order’ and no job is too small or too large. When you come to Valdamark, you know that you will get a customer friendly service, a customer friendly price and above all a product that is second to none.

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